Sunday, 1 May 2016

First post

Decided that i should create a blog, who knows what for, why knows who for. all of which doesn't really make sense. Which is how life kinda feels at the moment.

So.. 18 months ago i toyed with the idea, of going to university to change my career. I hadn't been to university. When i left school i went to polytech, which back then was always seen as a poor mans University, the place you go if you couldn't get entrance into university.
The idea grew in me, and pretty soon, at age 36 i took my life and turned it upside down (thanks fresh prince), and enrolled into university to do a BSc in computer science. This meant that i quit my job (of the last 9 years), sent the wife back to work... and prepared my 3 girls for more time with dad! (YAY! they said... yeah right).

I was pretty naive really. My first semester went really well, as my diploma gave me some credits towards my degree i only had to pick up 3 subjects, and the work load was easy, in fact.. most of it was generally programming which i had been doing for a number of years by myself anyhow... so i got this illusion that Uni life was going to be challenging but, not overly hard. I thought i was doing really well, balancing the family life, with personal life, with university life...

Shit.... was i wrong in semester two.

Things took a wayward turn as i struck Stats and Maths in the same semester. I am not the best at maths anyhow - but you know, you think you are... turns out at the end of semester 2, i really liked stats... who would have thought - maths (discrete) .. not so much tho, however, that's a story for another post altogether

So - half way thru semster one of year 2 now. It's so so really. Not doing nearly as well as i hoped for, but still hanging in there. As an adult student with a family - its time that is always against you...

Anyhow - it's late, i start back tomorrow after a 3 week term holiday that just feels like i haven't really stopped. So will do another post later.. but this is a good start i think.

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