Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Graduated!.... now what.

So you've graduated.... now what.

So that time came and went where i finished up my degree and paraded in front of my family across the stage to shake the mans hand that had never met me and get that piece of paper that now says what i always wanted to say... I'm qualified

Qualified.. I find it strange term. Its a term that says to people you know what we want you to know. But when push comes to shove..... do you?
I think the answer to that is much like the exam post, you go to an interview, the interviewer asks you the questions that we all know the answers too. So i guess... Rope interviewing? hah...

So now i've been released into the real world, to find my place, to make my 'mark' as the educators have instructed us. We have given you all the tools... we have given you the best possible start.
Sometimes it feels like i got shown to the boat, given some wood, nails, hammer and saw, and pushed off while waving goodbye i look down to find all the holes in the bottom now appearing.

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